Doctor Aleksandr
Regenerative medicine (Stem cells), Oncology treatment (oncolytic viruses), Orthopedyc, Sport medicine, Taping, Rehabilitation
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Hello! I am a regenerative medicine doctor, orthopedist, rehabilitation specialist, sport doctor and medical director of Dokar Japanese Taping. Also I use stem cells products for treatment.
My medical experience:
  • 30 years medical experience
  • I graduated from the Ural Medical Academy with a degree in therapy
  • Doctor of the Russian national team in karate-kyokushin (Moscow, 1999-2015)
  • Therapist (Administration of the President of the Russian Federation, Moscow, 2010-2012)
  • Hockey team doctor AUTO (KHL, Yekaterinburg, 2015-2016)
  • Medical director, regenerative doctor (Kintaro Cells Power Japan, 2016-2019, stem cells)
  • Regenerative medicine consultant (Reviva Clinic, Bangkok, 2019-2021, stem cells)
  • Medical Director Dokar Japanese Taping (2019 - p.t.)
  • Regenerative medicine consultant (Ho Chi Minh, A-Au clinic, 2023- p.t., stem cells)
My medical skills:
  • Injections - intramuscular, intravenous, intraarticular, mesotherapy
  • Minor surgery - suturing
  • Kinesiology taping - since 2009
  • Therapeutic gymnastics, KAATSU-gymnastics (Japan)
  • ECG measurement and analysis
  • Testing (analysis of body composition, test of functional state, test of physical development of children)
  • Programs - drawing up a personal nutrition program, drawing up a personal program of motor rehabilitation
Educational activities:
  • Conducting seminars, trainings, distance and online courses on taping (the author's DOKAR method)
  • Speaker at 19 international conferences on rehabilitation and cellular medicine
  • TV appearances
  • Award for results in sports medicine
  • Award for work at the Olympic Games SOCHI 2014
Public information:
Diplomas and awards
Award from the President of the Russian Federation for achievements in sports medicine
Commemorative medal from the President of the Russian Federation for work at the SOCHI 2014 Olympics
Kinesiology taping certificate - 1
Kinesiology taping certificate - 2
KAATSU Gymnastics Certificate (JAPAN)
My contacts:
WhatsApp/Telegram: +66 94 49 11 48 1
LINE: doctordokar
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